Democratic Republic of the Congo: Roundtable conference on Social Responsibility

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Since the launch of the UN panel structure on the illegal exploitation of natural resources in the Democratic Republic of the Congo, the APPG has undertaken a process of consultation and round-table meetings on issues of corporate social responsibility. Most recently, we have facilitated a major initiative to bring together businesses, experts and NGOs – including Anglo-American, De Beers, Standard Chartered, Human Rights Watch, and Amnesty International – in a Joint Working Group with the aim of exploring the scope for common ground on frameworks for business conduct in areas of conflict and weak governance.

Under the neutral Chairmanship of Lord Jonathan Mance QC, the result of this initiative has been a substantial joint statement on the OECD Guidelines mechanism. The statement has aleady had a substantial impact on the government’s review of the implementation of the Guidelines in the UK. The review was itself initiated in response to the APPG’s 2005 report on how the mechanism dealt with the cases arising from the UN Expert Panel investigations into the illegal exploitation of resources in the Democratic Republic of Congo.

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To download a copy of the JWG statement, click here. The full terms of reference for the Working Group are also available here.

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