Tackle Malaria Today – Give tomorrow a Chance

Tackle Malaria Today – Give tomorrow a Chance

Britain’s proposals for an international initiative to build a strong and prosperous Africa are doomed to struggle unless they tackle the continent’s burden of malaria. The United Kingdom, in its presidencies of the G8 and the European Union, must take the lead in securing long-term commitment to a scaled-up global effort to fight malaria. This investment will also produce excellent returns in terms of health and economic benefits, as malaria control is one of the most cost-effective public health interventions known.

Executive Summary

“Malaria traps countries in a vicious cycle of poverty and ill health. Progress by African countries in expanding their economies and
reducing poverty over the past decade is now endangered by a failure to use our collective knowledge, wisdom and resources to bring essential medical advances to bear for the benefit of all our citizens.”  – 
Dr Pascoal Mocumbi, former Prime Minister of Mozambique

Malaria has over millennia changed the course of geopolitics and military campaigns. Unless it is now tackled head-on, the disease risks jeopardising the international community’s proposed initiatives to lift Africa out of poverty, and build a strong and prosperous continent. Africa is currently at the top of the global agenda, and a major plank of Britain’s year-long presidencies of both the European Union and the Group of Eight rich nations (G8). On the table are proposals to provide debt relief for the poorest countries, ease protectionist trade barriers, and create a fund, the International Finance Facility, which would raise up to
US$ 50 billion annually in aid.

But the enormous benefits promised by these new initiatives risk being compromised by the sheer scale of the human and economic burden of malaria in Africa. The 17-member international Commission for Africa, created to address the challenges facing the continent, acknowledged in its report, published in March 2005, that controlling malaria is critical to social and economic progress.

This report of the All-Party Parliamentary Malaria Group complements the Commission for Africa’s work, and expands in greater detail on how to respond to the challenge of malaria. It concludes that to have a chance of success, any new initiative for Africa must be accompanied by a massive and sustained science-based and operationally practical scale up of efforts to stamp out malaria on the continent.

Read complete Tackle Malaria Today – Report here [Courtesy of All-Party Parliamentary Malaria Group]

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