Putting Food First; Securing an adequate response to famine in Niger

Putting Food First; Securing an adequate response to famine in Niger – Working Paper by Graham Banton

Executive Summary

In July, the media alerted the international community to the food crisis blighting the poor in Niger. Unfortunately, the crisis is not confined to Niger and is wreaking havoc on the lives of millions of Africans throughout the continent. In a year dedicated to the plight of Africa, the existence of these famines and the inadequacy of donor responses demonstrate that there needs be a fundamental change in the way in food security is approached. Unless the international community and African leaders recognise this need for change, witnessing famine on our TV screens will remain an annual event. More importantly, if Africa is ever to break out of the mire of chronic poverty and hunger, food security must become a central feature of development plans for Africa

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About the Author

Graham Banton completed a Masters Degree in Development Studies at the University of Leeds in 2004, specialising in Famines, Food Security and Complex Emergencies. He is currently the Research Officer for the Democracy, Development and G are entirely those of the author and do not reflect those of the Foreign Policy Centre in any way.




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